Schmuck Julia Otilia
Goldring Julia Otilia Organic Jewellery


Jewellery designer Julia Otilia believes that by doing what is given by heart, you can truly behold the subtle gifts of life.


Her passion lays in capturing the fine details of nature. The silence of a mirror blank lake. The twirling dance of a falling leaf. Or the gentleness of an unfolding flower. It is these delicate, precious moments Julia is wishing to express in her jewellery. This is her source of inspiration.

Born in Sweden, Julia spent her childhood strolling through the deep forests and exploring the islands of the archipelago with its raw and untouched beauty. This is reflected in all her designs. With a fine and simple touch she expresses the delicate elements of nature in Scandinavian minimalistic design.

Since a young age, she tasted the spirit of traveling and this joy never ceased. During her long journeys, special people from many cultures came on her path and made her discover the most beautiful organic materials. Natural pearls from small family farms, carefully selected seeds and nuts from the Himalayas and certified wood from Indonesia. Combined with elegant details in silver and gold, they become uniques pieces of jewellery.

A lover of details, Julia creates fine and feminine collections, dedicated to woman choosing a life of love, awareness and a pure heart. Every piece in her collections is handmade with love and care in a small atelier in Bali. By wearing Julia Otilia jewellery you support the talented local artisans and their families with housing and education, through a fair cooperation.

Natural lines in design, pure sources of raw materials and a fair production. All together it completes the vision of creating conscious jewellery in alignment with nature. Because only by doing good, we can find the featherlight softness in our hearts. And see not only the beauty around us, but also within.